Played by Isa

Reasonably M9

4:09 minutes (6.1 MB)

Based on the boards o canada classic M9... but made maximal not minamal..

Banquet of Conan

1:41 minutes (2.31 MB)

My friend manny started playing the melody of this song from conan. I used to like it alot hated the film but would watch it often just to hear this cute melodic song being played while a room full of people were being killed and/or eating. We threw it together in about 2 hour2 all of the synth parts are played on a minikorg and the percussion on a u-110 sound module by me, with manny playing guitar.

DXM Frustration

4:00 minutes (5.5 MB)

tried to record this fast melody while on dxm the first time, was frustrating, thus the name of the song... hehe

M9 Live Analog by Planks Of Ameryka

3:58 minutes (5.94 MB)

Me playing Boards o Canada's M9 live sometime in 1994, using a d10 for the choir sounds, jupiter 4 for the pulse, and playing the melody on a prophet 600 no overdubing just me tranced out and playing it. A few timing errors but anyway thought someone might enjoy it.


2:03 minutes (2.82 MB)

Not really too soundtraxish, made mostly using six trax and u-110 with cakewalk.


2:51 minutes (3.91 MB)

All my friends in the 90s were big into percussion stuff so i made this song using didg and tabla samples from a tracemission and zakir hussain cd respectively.


1:51 minutes (2.54 MB)

i found this midi as background music on a website in the 90s, it was missing drums and a good bass line so i threw those in..


1:56 minutes (2.66 MB)

Song about oj simpson, written and sung by Marquis, i just played the keyboard stuff around 1995 or whenever the trail was...


3:24 minutes (4.67 MB)

Song i did around 1995, mostly using roland u-110 module, and a six trax synth.


2:04 minutes (1.9 MB)

A real real real real real quick quirky live proformance of sting's russians using a minikorg and prophet 600, with sr-16 drums.