Whats new in the world...

Been quite a while since i wrote here, the last post was a bit emo and I'm getting tired of looking at it when i come here on occasion to check for comments and remove the spams. Sitting here atm watching Watership Down, my dear friend sends me many movies and tv shows to the point it is nearly a full time job just watching them all. However i do so enthusiastically because among other things it gives us somethings to talk about and some shared experiences. XD Also, do often enjoy the program's subjects too ofc hehe She sends me so much that sometimes things get lost, as is the case of this which was sent almost a year ago ;;;;;;

Was googling earlier for touhou images, and realized this site shows up on the third page of images *^_^*, kinda embarassing rly, i am taking soooo~ long to finish it. Am sure many think it will never be done since talking about it so long. I shall try do my best to complete it soon. In the mean time have created several libraries for the nds that others seem to find useful at least. Always am finding bugs and seeing places there can be improvements, realize at some point i need to stop tweaking, it'll never be 'perfect' and just release the thing.. *sighs* but now it truly is a bit rough around the edges. Might make a video soon to show progress, is really enjoyable to play dispite the bugs. ^^

notacon is comming soon, really wanted to go this year but am hopelessly poor, as usual. Well rly moreso than usual.. can barely afford medicine for the month much less to go on a trip. really need to find more work, for a short time had thought things were going to turn around. had job doing computer vision programming, was very exciting and comforting to have excess monies in the paypal. I have skills to do these things and really wish could find someplace where can be useful, and rewarded. i sooo~ fail @ monies u_u,

Okai well i type enough and this movie getting more complicated, i'll write more in another few months perhaps... :P need to take more goofy pictures i guess too, so, jaja... in the mean time the http://blea.ch/wiki/ blog is more up to date. cyas :D

Thanks you