pH/PPM Meter - Telemetry 1

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pH/PPM Meter - Telemetry 1

Here are some graphs displaying data partly obtained from the ppm and pH meters. I used:
old 300MHz pc
My totally ossum ppm/pH meter
A small board with a ULN2803 IC that was used to drive relays from the parallel port to control fans
APC Enviromental Monitoring thingy - this was supposed to be used with a UPS to monitor the temperature and humidy in the room. I figured out which wires were which and just rs-232 directly to it.
FreeBSD - OS
rrdtool - graph creation toolset
apache - webserver
tits - serial to telnet bridge (since the ppm/pH meter had a shell, could access via this)
also some custom soft in C and PERL ran via crontab to update the graphs and check the tempurature and if necessary turn the fans on or off.
The settings were contained in a cfg file but i never coded the interface to change it via the httpd, i mean it worked so why bother!

Ohh also the fans spin (animated gif) when the fans are running... totally cute eh?!