Meh Black/Pink DS

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Meh Black/Pink DS

  Have been wanting a DS to use as portable IRC/web client and mebbe play a few games. U like the pink buttons in black case yes?? :P
  Purchased two broken ones on ebay and pieced them together. Pink one had a cracked upper LCD, and the black had intermittent lockup issues. Turned out pretty nice although i'd liked to have a pink border around the upper screen as well, thought about removing the top screen's plasticy thing but considering how it had adhesive holding to the screen, that i didnt have a spare upper lcd, and possibilities of breakage or getting dust between the layers during removal decided against it...
  Okay, now i just need one of those flash cards and some games to make it useful!!
  Coincidently also came across two PSPs right after i got this. Cannot do nearly as much fun homebrew stuffs due to the lack of effecting text entry. Also the PSP games seem pretty dull unlike cute colorful offerings available for DS. fun fun >_>