Bored of TTL/3.3v to RS-232 level translation

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Bored of TTL/3.3v to RS-232 level translation

Little board used to convert RS-232 signals into ttl or 3.3v. Here is a pic of an early prototype connected to modem. insanely simple really isnt much thought at ALL goes into this one except for the board layout.
Points of interest include pinout and version txt on the copper layer, small form factor, Rx and Tx LEDs. The LEDs are wired to the RS-232 signals so that they are normally on and flash off with data making the pwr LED redundant. This also made it so the green Tx light came on when the board received power and the red Tx led came on when the PC's rs-232 port was plugged in. The board also provides access to the rts and cts pins but they are not used normally.
Engel found a provider of 2 pin .1 cables to go between the modem and board. This was pretty nice because you could flip the rx/tx lines easily allowing different modem pin configs, good job thar.
These were sold (prolly still are, but i dont get any $ from it or anything anymore so i dunno?!?!) thru TCNiSO's website. Very quickly when i first opened a modem could see the 4 pin connector was prolly some type of console port, and you just needed something to convert the chip level signals to rs-232 and viola! A serial console. It took a bit more digging to enable a shell on the serial console however we eventually did this pretty easily since the shell code was still in the firmware just wasnt activated on bootup. Once the shell was operational was able to do many great and wonderful things much more easily.
This is the .3 version first was just made onto perf board by hand, i did the first 10 we shipped... lucky u! the rest of the hand made ones were made by engel, mine were really purdy i say no more. >.> Mebbe ill try to find a pic to upload of .1 them. The .2 version was about the same as this but a bit bigger, dont think any of these actually shipped as there was a miscommunication and engel didnt get the bottom layer from me so inital run of boards came back with no bottom! Told him to verify, asked if he could read the words on bottom said yes.. i dunno.. jaja
So anyways here is this cable, these are sold by loads of pplz nowdays, same with e/jtag since these techniques are all pretty well established and documented. Really it was known to pretty much anyone who worked with embedded systems in the 90s but most of those ppls werent hacking stuff. ^^