E/JTAG Cable

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E/JTAG Cable

This is a cable i designed to be sold by TCNiSO. Think it still is, along with the BlackCat e/jtag software. The software was a collaborative effort between me, l3x, and engel. I did the backend, l3x did the flash memory plugins and gave me feedback on the backend, and engel created a vb.net frontend. The software is in C++ and was one of my first major OOP projects, thus why it looks like utter hell. The software is all plugin based, and designed to be portable between linux/bsd and windows. The linux version is all command line, while the windows version has a vc.net plugin to allow direct access to alot of the functions for engel's vb.net plugin.
The circuit itself is just a simple little level converter using a 74lvs244 to interface the 5v parallel port to the 3.3v signals on the modem's e/jtag port.


Yea, that was a fun project, we did a great job, Do you remember the day we jtaged that Sharkfin and dowloaded the flash, it was the very first h4xor modem jtag interface, Credit should go you Isabella and l3x for finding and creating Blackcat, Without it there would be no 5100 firmware mods, Credit should also goto l3x for creating the very first 5100 moded firmware, sigma-x still the best.

phun times, pitty Engel was no phun to work for..