Wow i can log in again!

Finally fixed the problem with my logins, seems it was a php upgrade that cause all the trouble, and in celebration of the fix have uploaded more loli wannabe pics! Hurray!
Since this is a 'blog' ill ramble on about pointless crap that no one cares about like everyone else does..
After decade+ of utterly hating anime found a fondness for shoujo ai, swoony romantic non hentai girl love is the bestest. My favorite is Strawberry Panic prolly due to its total lack of boys and cute loli'd out girls. It seems to borrow alot from stuffs that came before it like Maria Sama Ga Miteru (also nice) and Utena (not bad either). Shoujo_ai @ wikipedia explains it much better.
Speaking of the loli, need to get more rorita stuffs so my pics have more variety but atm have no $. So prolly i should really be saying need to find some steady work. Would try to make my own but sewing machiene caught fire last time i tried to use it and again no $ to get new one. If you have nfi what loli is, or think im talking about child porn get a clue here: lolitasnap!. Much goodness on that site; makes my attempts at the style seem utterly pathetic.
Been working with some people on the openwii project which really drove me nuts because i got caught in the middle of a disagreement between tcniso and the head of openwii where each side was complaining i wasnt doing enough 'for them' and instead working too much with the other side... its OPEN source software ppl, benifits everyone geeze. Also there was some 'creative differences' relating to my wanting to make the cleanest, fastest, space efficient, human readable, portable, feature rich, all round beauty code possible and the goals of others to get out the next release. Not saying im totally in the right at all, but really is part of why i was working it was to do something creative and challenging and now my enthusiasm has got way down with the fighting and arguing. Bright side is hope to get back involved after a week or so break.
Hmmz what else, dunno, this entry seems big enough allready so ill hit post... to all u pplz who leave comments thx for the luv! to all u porn spammers who flood my comment approval cue with trash, go to the hell!
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the hell !

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you will know by TORSION field of the hadron that i and the one and only TIM ..... yes THE Alchemy victim Tim.....right now i play satan at the death ridden pawn shop using bandwidth .........

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