Hai2u \\^_^

Lots happened since last time i wrote here, my kitty and faithful familiar Eupora died about a month ago, was very sad times. She been with me for 16 years, few days before she went outside and dissappeared, apparently had gotten stuck someplace for 3 days and rubbed her paws raw trying to get free. When she returned was dehydrated and weak, we fed and watered her much as possible, but she already had kidney issues and this didnt help. She died about a 4 days later. We spent the last few days doing the things we loved, cause we both seemed to know it was almost ending. She laid on me once more while we slept, she came into the shower with me once more, etc etc... Hope she will come back to me one day somehow
( ^_^)/////(=^_^=)

Okay that was depressing but lets see what else.. went to the fair, had insanely bad toof ache, and found the coolest dentist. He was like "tell me isabella... where are u from?" and i said "here" he said "but surely you study abroad or travels alot" i say "notrly", his assistant said "your parents maybe?" i said again "no" then he said "well, you have good sense of style, and nice sensibilities.... you should move" hehehe that rly made me giggle alot, and sorta think if the dentist is telling you to gtfo of the country, mebbe i should... :p

Lastly i've been working like a mad woman on meh touhou game: http://blea.ch/wiki/index.php/Thds Here is my projects wiki and on that page is the dev blog. which i write on much more frequently than here.. :D

Okai thats enuffs, ttyl, baibai


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