Have not posted things in a while, been feeling kinda bleh.. not feeling very right the past few weeks.

But making lots of progress on the touhou game! at about the half way point. Have about half the characters and half the music done, created bgm mp3 player, barely does 44100/stereo but will needs a bit of assembly optimization to work in the game at these rates. I'll prolly just used 32000 and leave it for now. u_u Gave myself a year to finish it, and seems its comming along nicely for 6 months or so in. ^^

Also got Akyu's Untouched Score Vol. 1 cd.. Its the best ever! except for vol2 and 3 which i sorta like more but they were sold out of it. This ones nice because i like the picture. Already had all the CDs in mp3 form, but really like this stuff so much wanted something to touch and look at, and do what i can to pay for the 23gb of Zun's music i already have.. :P


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