Moar Updates!

Ok, been away for quite a while... Alot has happened. Firstly I've gotten uber addicted to Touhou series of games.. They are incredible, best thing i ever. Plz 2 see the screenshots in cool stuff gallery, you'll love it!! (or at least i do) Have spend hundreds of hours playing them, so much so that i've began making a fan game based on the series for the Nintendo DS. What makes me love them so much is the wonderful music, all girl lolirific characters, and its obvious the creator (yes one guy makes everything!!) spent alot of time on it.

Nextly, i again to went Phreaknic this year. Was not as fun as last year :/ Was bored most of the time, kinda having bad time, pretty hormal and not feeling good but then, late saturday night, met this other very fashionable cute++ tall girl with blond pigtails (i had pigtails too with blue ribbons, so cute!!) Could instantly tell she was sapphicly inclined and without going into much detail, it was a night i'll never forget! Okay a little details... When i met her said "I'd hate myself forever if i didnt say how your the most fashionable girl here!" then she said omg ur sooo cute, i smiled she commented on my homemade ruffly skirt, and she talked about her homemade dress, and we pet each others cute hair, and blah blah.... *swoon* She was indeed SOOOO~~~ cute.. too bad i cannot get ahold of her now, not rly for romantic relationship but just so rare to meet another smart, tall as me, tryppy loving, fashionable, girl loving girl. *sigh*

lemme think what else... hmmz i know there is more but gah tired, uploaded some pics from phreaknic (none of cute blond dread locks in pony tail with home made dress and ♀ tatoo on leg because feel i should ask first :/) and some pics from last fall of me on porch, etc etc....

Ohh yeah, have uploaded some projects ive worked on, might move them off this site (dont want projects on my pic site *blush*) and onto a Eris's Projects wiki. So far projects include two perl scripts for irssi, might add more, i dunno... need sleeeeeeep...

jaja, jeg vill prate mer som dag! :D
♀♥♀ sayonara ♀♥♀


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