Imperishable night

Imperishable night

Some screenshots of Imperishable Night which is from the BEST SERIES OF GAMES EVER called Touhou (shrine maidens)! is SOOO tryppy and pretty, has all girl cast of characters, with THE BEST MUSIC EVER!! All created by one guy named zun in japan. He is my hero!!! I want to have his babies!!!! Or at least code a game that is somewhat close in total ossumness to them. Have been working on a DS version..

This you tube video shows Perfect Cherry Blossom replay, so you can hear some of the music and see how its played. Long ago i saw this flash animation and thought omg sooooo cute!! but didnt realize it was characters from the game till over a year later. Note: it only looks impossible :P

Hope u would like to know more, here is the best english language wiki and Touhou image board.


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