Finally another update!!!

  Okays, so today i totally changed the theme. Pastel gradients and star brushes oooo ahhhh. Hope u like it, if not too bad i spent too many hours messing with style.css to revert so plz to deal with thx!! :P
  Guess i should update from the last blog entry so many months ago before blabbing forever about new stuffs. Regarding the Openwii project, i never really got back as involved as previously but were all friends still so hurray! It was really fun, got to learn lotta new stuffs but tbh never really cared for console games. Sold my old Wii to friend and used the $ to gets Nintendo DS and some other stuff. Really wanted a DS since i learned u can IRC from them and it has built in wifi!! Thats gonna be soooo ossum, havent yet gotten the stuff to make it run homebrew but will soon i hope.
  Still watching Yuri anime like crazy, just finished the 3rd season of Maria Sama and starting on 2nd season today. Why i watch it outta order? happened to find 3 before 2. :) Hmmz have seen so much since last blog dont know where to start.. Seen Kannazuki no Miko, Gakuen Alice, to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito, and am 13 episodes into Cardcaptor Sakura.. Made a list on this site. if u clicky can see all the stuff i watched and how i rated it. The site also supposedly lets you search for other users with matching tastes according to what u liked or disliked, but this feature never works for me. :/ Fixplz!! hehe
  Blahs its ive been up too long, need to nap.. Hope to update the site more in the next few days, have lotta pics i can add. Wanted to add a gallery for the various projects I've done over the years, well the ones i still have in picture-able form anyways... gnighs ~_~zzZzzZzZZZZZZ


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