the hell !

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you will know by TORSION field of the hadron that i and the one and only TIM ..... yes THE Alchemy victim Tim.....right now i play satan at the death ridden pawn shop using bandwidth .........

"For the icosahedral clustering see http://www.lsbu.ac.uk/water/clusters.html.J. K. Borchardt(2003), The chemical formula H2O - a misnomer, TheAlchemist 8 Aug (2003).R. A. Cowley (2004), Neutron-scattering experiments and quantumentanglement, Physica B 350 (2004) 243-245.R. Moreh, R. C. Block, Y. Danon, and M. Neumann (2005), Search foranomalous scattering of keV neutrons from H2O-D2O mixtures, Phys.Rev. Lett. 94, 185301.[66] G. Cantatore et al (2005), Experimental observation of optical rotationgenerated in vacuum by a magnetic field. arXiv-org hep-exp/0507107.See also S. Battersby (2006), Let there be dark, New Scientist, vol. 191,No 2560, 15 July, 2006.[67] E. Podkletnov and G. Modanese (2002), Investigation of high voltagedischarges in low pressure gases through large ceramic super-conductingelectrodes,http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/physics/0209051.[68] D. Da Roacha and L. Nottale (2003), Gravitational Structure Formationin Scale Relativity, astro-ph/0310 036.[69] G. Vassilatos (2001), Nocturnal Disturbances and the Infrasonic”HUM”,http://www.borderlands.com/journal/nux.htm .[70] W. C. Levengood and J. A. Burke (1995), Semi-Molten Meteoric IronAssociated with a Crop Formation,Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol 9, No. 2, pp. 191-199.http://www.bltresearch.com/published.html .W. C. Levengood (1994),Anatomical Anomalies In Crop FormationPlants, Physiologia Plan-tarum, 92:356-363. http://www.bltresearch.com/published.html .W. C. Levengood and N. P. Talbott (1999), Dispersion of Energies inWorldwide Crop Formations, Physiologia Plantarum 105: 615624.http://www.bltresearch.com/published.html .[71] K. A. Fredericks (1997), Unidentified tracks of developed silver in photo-graphic emulsions: do these tracks correspond to tachyon trajectories?,Private communications from Lian Sidoroff.[72] A. Shpilman, Spin-field generator,http://www.eskimo.com/ billb/freenrg/tors/spin1.html


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