audio by artist 'isabella'


2:04 minutes (1.9 MB)

A real real real real real quick quirky live proformance of sting's russians using a minikorg and prophet 600, with sr-16 drums.


3:24 minutes (4.67 MB)

Song i did around 1995, mostly using roland u-110 module, and a six trax synth.


2:51 minutes (3.91 MB)

All my friends in the 90s were big into percussion stuff so i made this song using didg and tabla samples from a tracemission and zakir hussain cd respectively.


2:03 minutes (2.82 MB)

Not really too soundtraxish, made mostly using six trax and u-110 with cakewalk.

DXM Frustration

4:00 minutes (5.5 MB)

tried to record this fast melody while on dxm the first time, was frustrating, thus the name of the song... hehe

Reasonably M9

4:09 minutes (6.1 MB)

Based on the boards o canada classic M9... but made maximal not minamal..