Semiconductors R OSSUM!

I've been working for several months now within the semiconductor industry doing fun fun engineering stuff! It is the most rewarding work i've ever done, love working with dorky types. Another semiconductor firm is now interested in me but i do not know, still going thru their gauntlet of tests and evaluations. ;;;; I've never been so challenged in all my life! But this is what i <3.

I'll try to upload some new pics, have been putting off fashion for a bit but still quite important to me. I like being stylish, hehe tho my kinda stylish.. Recently a friend turned me onto Mori-Girl style, doesn't work too good on me i'm afraid but glad she is into it because she send me such cute pictures! Makes me swoon to see sucha cute girl who is also good friend.

Getting better

Actually did manage to get a job! Yay!! Otherwise things are all still the same.. hehe But at least I'm not worried now :DD

Been working on more Touhou arranges, hope to post something soon, and mebbe some more pics since i have some new clothes finally. hehe

Musics ♪( ^-^)ノ☆♪

Been doing a few Touhou arranges, they are posted here.. It is really fun to transcribe and arrange these songs, and I learn lots of compositional theory in the process. ^^

Back in Louisville for a while. Spend four months in Los Angles looking for work. Had a few promising interviews, they really liked me and thought i was very knowledgable. But they didn't hire me?! I am very confuse about this because like they really seemed to like me and even invited me back for a final interview with the CEO who I felt did okay with... so why am i not now working there?! ( ._.);

Whats new in the world...

Been quite a while since i wrote here, the last post was a bit emo and I'm getting tired of looking at it when i come here on occasion to check for comments and remove the spams. Sitting here atm watching Watership Down, my dear friend sends me many movies and tv shows to the point it is nearly a full time job just watching them all. However i do so enthusiastically because among other things it gives us somethings to talk about and some shared experiences. XD Also, do often enjoy the program's subjects too ofc hehe She sends me so much that sometimes things get lost, as is the case of this which was sent almost a year ago ;;;;;;

Was googling earlier for touhou images, and realized this site shows up on the third page of images *^_^*, kinda embarassing rly, i am taking soooo~ long to finish it. Am sure many think it will never be done since talking about it so long. I shall try do my best to complete it soon. In the mean time have created several libraries for the nds that others seem to find useful at least. Always am finding bugs and seeing places there can be improvements, realize at some point i need to stop tweaking, it'll never be 'perfect' and just release the thing.. *sighs* but now it truly is a bit rough around the edges. Might make a video soon to show progress, is really enjoyable to play dispite the bugs. ^^

notacon is comming soon, really wanted to go this year but am hopelessly poor, as usual. Well rly moreso than usual.. can barely afford medicine for the month much less to go on a trip. really need to find more work, for a short time had thought things were going to turn around. had job doing computer vision programming, was very exciting and comforting to have excess monies in the paypal. I have skills to do these things and really wish could find someplace where can be useful, and rewarded. i sooo~ fail @ monies u_u,

Okai well i type enough and this movie getting more complicated, i'll write more in another few months perhaps... :P need to take more goofy pictures i guess too, so, jaja... in the mean time the blog is more up to date. cyas :D

Thanks you

Hai2u \\^_^

Lots happened since last time i wrote here, my kitty and faithful familiar Eupora died about a month ago, was very sad times. She been with me for 16 years, few days before she went outside and dissappeared, apparently had gotten stuck someplace for 3 days and rubbed her paws raw trying to get free. When she returned was dehydrated and weak, we fed and watered her much as possible, but she already had kidney issues and this didnt help. She died about a 4 days later. We spent the last few days doing the things we loved, cause we both seemed to know it was almost ending. She laid on me once more while we slept, she came into the shower with me once more, etc etc... Hope she will come back to me one day somehow
( ^_^)/////(=^_^=)

Okay that was depressing but lets see what else.. went to the fair, had insanely bad toof ache, and found the coolest dentist. He was like "tell me isabella... where are u from?" and i said "here" he said "but surely you study abroad or travels alot" i say "notrly", his assistant said "your parents maybe?" i said again "no" then he said "well, you have good sense of style, and nice sensibilities.... you should move" hehehe that rly made me giggle alot, and sorta think if the dentist is telling you to gtfo of the country, mebbe i should... :p

Lastly i've been working like a mad woman on meh touhou game: Here is my projects wiki and on that page is the dev blog. which i write on much more frequently than here.. :D

Okai thats enuffs, ttyl, baibai


Have not posted things in a while, been feeling kinda bleh.. not feeling very right the past few weeks.

But making lots of progress on the touhou game! at about the half way point. Have about half the characters and half the music done, created bgm mp3 player, barely does 44100/stereo but will needs a bit of assembly optimization to work in the game at these rates. I'll prolly just used 32000 and leave it for now. u_u Gave myself a year to finish it, and seems its comming along nicely for 6 months or so in. ^^

Also got Akyu's Untouched Score Vol. 1 cd.. Its the best ever! except for vol2 and 3 which i sorta like more but they were sold out of it. This ones nice because i like the picture. Already had all the CDs in mp3 form, but really like this stuff so much wanted something to touch and look at, and do what i can to pay for the 23gb of Zun's music i already have.. :P

♥Caramelldansen 東方 (゚∀゚ )♥

My friend is totally obsessed with caramelldansen, and so i'll share the pain. :p Rly tho some of these are quite cute..
Sorta Looks like me eh? :DD

Another Touhou themed one, and prolly the bestest most epic all out caramelldansen video ever made ever! (okai okai so im sorta biased >__>)

Theres lots more but since no one will prolly watch these anyways is enough for now..

Enjoy, or not!

Moar Updates!

Ok, been away for quite a while... Alot has happened. Firstly I've gotten uber addicted to Touhou series of games.. They are incredible, best thing i ever. Plz 2 see the screenshots in cool stuff gallery, you'll love it!! (or at least i do) Have spend hundreds of hours playing them, so much so that i've began making a fan game based on the series for the Nintendo DS. What makes me love them so much is the wonderful music, all girl lolirific characters, and its obvious the creator (yes one guy makes everything!!) spent alot of time on it.

Nextly, i again to went Phreaknic this year. Was not as fun as last year :/ Was bored most of the time, kinda having bad time, pretty hormal and not feeling good but then, late saturday night, met this other very fashionable cute++ tall girl with blond pigtails (i had pigtails too with blue ribbons, so cute!!) Could instantly tell she was sapphicly inclined and without going into much detail, it was a night i'll never forget! Okay a little details... When i met her said "I'd hate myself forever if i didnt say how your the most fashionable girl here!" then she said omg ur sooo cute, i smiled she commented on my homemade ruffly skirt, and she talked about her homemade dress, and we pet each others cute hair, and blah blah.... *swoon* She was indeed SOOOO~~~ cute.. too bad i cannot get ahold of her now, not rly for romantic relationship but just so rare to meet another smart, tall as me, tryppy loving, fashionable, girl loving girl. *sigh*

lemme think what else... hmmz i know there is more but gah tired, uploaded some pics from phreaknic (none of cute blond dread locks in pony tail with home made dress and ♀ tatoo on leg because feel i should ask first :/) and some pics from last fall of me on porch, etc etc....

Ohh yeah, have uploaded some projects ive worked on, might move them off this site (dont want projects on my pic site *blush*) and onto a Eris's Projects wiki. So far projects include two perl scripts for irssi, might add more, i dunno... need sleeeeeeep...

jaja, jeg vill prate mer som dag! :D
♀♥♀ sayonara ♀♥♀

PERL Discordian Date Script for Irssi IRC Client

irssi_ddate - Discordian date for Irssi
Version FIVE

Check out the wiki!

When u type !ddate in a channel it responds like:
<@erisia> !ddate
<@eris> Today is Pungenday, day 46 in the season of The Aftermath,3173.

Should display Discordian holy days as well! :P (tho I've never actually checked it on a holy day)

PERL Countdown Script for Irssi IRC Client

  Very configurable countdown till target date/time script for irssi originally ment to countdown to newyears... Among other things, it features multiple time zone support and ability to customize how the countdown is displayed.

Check out the wiki!

<@eris> !countdown
<@erroris> samy's countdown to legality is ongoing! Currently there are 36 days 06 hours 28 mins 09 seconds till samy is allowed to use interwebs for perrsonal use, and chown all the tubes]

Finally another update!!!

  Okays, so today i totally changed the theme. Pastel gradients and star brushes oooo ahhhh. Hope u like it, if not too bad i spent too many hours messing with style.css to revert so plz to deal with thx!! :P
  Guess i should update from the last blog entry so many months ago before blabbing forever about new stuffs. Regarding the Openwii project, i never really got back as involved as previously but were all friends still so hurray! It was really fun, got to learn lotta new stuffs but tbh never really cared for console games. Sold my old Wii to friend and used the $ to gets Nintendo DS and some other stuff. Really wanted a DS since i learned u can IRC from them and it has built in wifi!! Thats gonna be soooo ossum, havent yet gotten the stuff to make it run homebrew but will soon i hope.
  Still watching Yuri anime like crazy, just finished the 3rd season of Maria Sama and starting on 2nd season today. Why i watch it outta order? happened to find 3 before 2. :) Hmmz have seen so much since last blog dont know where to start.. Seen Kannazuki no Miko, Gakuen Alice, to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito, and am 13 episodes into Cardcaptor Sakura.. Made a list on this site. if u clicky can see all the stuff i watched and how i rated it. The site also supposedly lets you search for other users with matching tastes according to what u liked or disliked, but this feature never works for me. :/ Fixplz!! hehe
  Blahs its ive been up too long, need to nap.. Hope to update the site more in the next few days, have lotta pics i can add. Wanted to add a gallery for the various projects I've done over the years, well the ones i still have in picture-able form anyways... gnighs ~_~zzZzzZzZZZZZZ

Hello Kitty Ubuntu (Desktop Screenshot)

Hello Kitty Ubuntu (Desktop Screenshot)

Here is a screenshot of my desktop PC. Its running ubuntu with beryl, the icons are customized (pink'd out!) versions of the gartoon icon set, with ofc a hello kitty bg. Using heliodor instead of emerald so could use the the uber cute gnome window themes, in this case Bikkuri UI. Got most of the stuff including the xmms themes from Be sure to click on ORIGINAL to see it full size, its quite cute!! Makes using the pc so soothing ^_^

Over a year later... I've created a wikipage here describing where to get the files, and how to install.

Wow i can log in again!

Finally fixed the problem with my logins, seems it was a php upgrade that cause all the trouble, and in celebration of the fix have uploaded more loli wannabe pics! Hurray!
Since this is a 'blog' ill ramble on about pointless crap that no one cares about like everyone else does..
After decade+ of utterly hating anime found a fondness for shoujo ai, swoony romantic non hentai girl love is the bestest. My favorite is Strawberry Panic prolly due to its total lack of boys and cute loli'd out girls. It seems to borrow alot from stuffs that came before it like Maria Sama Ga Miteru (also nice) and Utena (not bad either). Shoujo_ai @ wikipedia explains it much better.
Speaking of the loli, need to get more rorita stuffs so my pics have more variety but atm have no $. So prolly i should really be saying need to find some steady work. Would try to make my own but sewing machiene caught fire last time i tried to use it and again no $ to get new one. If you have nfi what loli is, or think im talking about child porn get a clue here: lolitasnap!. Much goodness on that site; makes my attempts at the style seem utterly pathetic.
Been working with some people on the openwii project which really drove me nuts because i got caught in the middle of a disagreement between tcniso and the head of openwii where each side was complaining i wasnt doing enough 'for them' and instead working too much with the other side... its OPEN source software ppl, benifits everyone geeze. Also there was some 'creative differences' relating to my wanting to make the cleanest, fastest, space efficient, human readable, portable, feature rich, all round beauty code possible and the goals of others to get out the next release. Not saying im totally in the right at all, but really is part of why i was working it was to do something creative and challenging and now my enthusiasm has got way down with the fighting and arguing. Bright side is hope to get back involved after a week or so break.
Hmmz what else, dunno, this entry seems big enough allready so ill hit post... to all u pplz who leave comments thx for the luv! to all u porn spammers who flood my comment approval cue with trash, go to the hell!
<3 isa

Misc Blah

Still working on this site, need to change the theme and figure out how to make a fwd/back button for images. Had OpenID working but then the server had issues and we switched from gentoo to debian, but for now there is no working port of php5-gmp (if anyone knows a work around for this lemme know when I've tried to use the one @ but it breaks php entirely).

Working on da Project Sango @ NXP's Rhode Island RF Lab

Working on da Project Sango @ NXP's Rhode Island RF Lab

Working on Sango project up in Rhode Island;; Our objective was to create reference and demo projects based around NXP's then new RF power transistor designs..

Aoi Uma Con 2012!

Aoi Uma Con 2012!

Me @ Aoi Uma anime convention ~ 2012... always wanted to post dis but got distract, sry ;;

Ampleon (Formally NXP) RF semiconductor applications lab in Rhode Island

Ampleon (Formally NXP) RF semiconductor applications lab in Rhode Island

Worked on and off for NXP from 2012 ~ 2017... Dis is pic i took working late on night in the lab..

Worked on various solid state microwave application demos, reference systems, an instruments.. Most exciting and longest lasting project was for a Japanese research company who required a high power (1500W+) solid state pulsed microwave energy pump (which we named Sango, after the goddess of lightning) used for exciting the air/fuel mixture into a plasma state inside an internal combustion engine immediately before ignition in order to get the final 20% or so of possible efficiency during the burn..Was rly fun,!! Tho i did sorta enjoy creating the microwave oven cooking demo as well - but that project although intended to have a full featured standard microwave style interface ended up being controlled via an external laptop(, blah..

Me sittin on bed long agos...

Me sittin on bed long agos...

think i was preparing to fly up to Boston, MA to testify @ TCNiSO trial.. ~ 2012

Me inna airport bathroom circa 2011...

Me inna airport bathroom circa 2011...

Back from break, mebbe,; olded pics i shoulda posted long time ago....

Actually just got round to doing some minimal housekeeping on dis server. Wanted to see if i could even still upload an image.. If u see thsi, then guess i can!! This is pic of me @ Charolette, NC airport back round 2011. Was on way to some enginerring consulting job prolly.

Was first pic i found scrolling thru pic archives so jaja... enjoyz!~

Airport bathrooms has like ossum lighting!

Airport bathrooms has like ossum lighting!

On way to boston, had bit of wait between flights, so here we go. The glasses r fake btw, just wear them sometimes to look dorky and non threatening.